What is Social Thinking®?

As the school year begins, your children will continue their journey towards social and academic growth; a journey on which you will be a social learning facilitator. Our staff looks forward to partnering with you.

The social world is complex and complicated. People must think socially and monitor their own social behavior all day long.

Being social is not having a collection of mastered social skills, but rather an understanding that people have thoughts about you.  As a member of society, one’s job is to monitor personal behavior in order to impact the thoughts people have about you.

In order to help parents understand the abstract concept of Social Thinking®, consider the following. How do you function and behave when you are at work? How do you function and behave when around your peers?  Why do you behave in a socially acceptable way?  You do not want others to have strange thoughts about you. If people have good thoughts about us, they will want to treat us kindly and be around us. Social Thinking® a powerful tool that helps individuals shape their behavior.  During the school year, we will begin to help the children understand how to monitor their own social behavior in order to interact comfortably in group situations. Our staff will help the students understand these abstract concepts by breaking them into concrete ideas which will be integrated and supported throughout their academic learning.

We look forward to being part of a team in order to help our students be who they want to be.

By Nikki Stewart, MA, BCBA

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