Parent Tips: Play Dates

Three Parts of Play-Set Up, Play, and Clean Up

When working or playing with others, it’s important that the group functions as one. Spending too much time discussing ideas during the set up phase could take away from the time you have to play or work together. Following these six Social Thinking® techniques will allow the group to progress easily through the set-up phase.

  • Be flexible and open to others ideas

  • Be inclusive, ask others what they think

  • Participate, share ideas and add to the discussion

  • Use whole body listening with your peers

  • Use kind words when you don’t like someone’s suggestion
    “That’s a good idea, but what do you think about….”

  • Negotiate/compromise
    There may be a time to agree to disagree. Use other strategies to help come to a conclusion.
    – Vote
    – Combine ideas
    – First, then


By Nikki Stewart, MA, BCBA

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