Q&A with Columbia therapy company Verbal Beginnings

For parents of children with autism, Verbal Beginnings Center offers hope. Created in 2016 the program offers Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy in a center-based environment. ABA Therapy is a successful method of helping children diagnosed with autism to overcome many of their challenges and is particularly successful when you begin providing services to children at a young age. The Verbal Beginnings Center also employs speech and language pathologists and combines this therapy with ABA, to address social skills training, and family training. These therapies work together to help children learn to communicate, learn to complete activities of daily living for themselves, and develop skills to successfully interact with other children.

The creators of Verbal Beginnings, Nick Chappell and Diana Wolf, are both Board Certified Behavior Analysts with a passion for using their knowledge to help children and families affected by autism. The company started out as a small, entirely home-based program, but has now grown to include a large Early Intervention program at the Verbal Beginnings Center which focuses on services for young children with autism. With approximately 1 in every 68 children in the United States affected by autism, they have a lot to offer and many families who need the services. In 2014, bills were passed that made ABA therapy funding more readily available, which makes Verbal Beginnings even more accessible to everyone in need.

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