The Verbal Beginnings Center (VBC) brings high caliber ABA Therapy to the Howard County area. Our Center-Based Therapy offers in office therapy to children and includes a variety of services. Reserve your child's spot today!

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The Verbal Beginnings Center (VBC) brings high caliber ABA Therapy to the Howard County area. VBC will provide a multitude of programs to children between the ages of 2-18 that will now give families the opportunity to easily access a wide range of highly effective affordable services. Sessions during our 9-hour weekdays provide flexibility to families with different availabilities.

Highlights of our program include our daytime Early Intervention and pre-k programs, our after-school ABA therapy sessions and Social Skills groups, our 1:1 and 1:2 individualized therapy sessions in a social environment and our therapeutic and Social Skills Summer Camps.The center also provides the opportunity for a close collaboration among providers of various disciplines providing a more comprehensive team approach.


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early intervention

For children 1-3 years old. Early intervention incorporates an intensive Applied Behavior Analysis approach which focuses on building skills quickly and efficiently to help children catch up to their typically developing peers. The Verbal Behavior approach is used to build language and social skills. Group readiness is also incorporated.

pre-k: early learners program

For children 3-5 years old. This program continues the skills learned in the Early Intervention program and furthers children’s readiness for a classroom learning environment.

pre-k: advanced learners

For children 3-5. This program is designed for children who have made significant progress mastering the prerequisites for learning in a classroom learning environment. Prerequisite skills are maintained while more advanced communication and social skills are addressed.

feeding intervention

Programs are developed for picky eaters to be able to expand their food repertoires, volume, texture, and other food-related problems. Parent training is incorporated and treatment is generalized to the home environment, with an end goal of being comfortable with food, eating together with the family, and increasing the overall nutritional value of meals. Children of any age can participate in this program.


social skills groups

Starting at 4 years of age, children are paired by age and skill level and grouped in small groups of 6 kids to 2 adults. Going beyond the basic social skills, Instruction is based on teaching children to understand social situations, understand how their behavior has an impact on another person’s perception of them, and how to make friends. These groups are designed for children who are expert communicators, show no behavior challenges, but need assistance in social awareness.

workshops and trainings

What we do isn’t top secret. It is based off of years of scientific research and it works! We want to be able to share everything with our parents, by offering free workshops, trainings, and group meeting opportunities. The goal is for the parent to become the therapist and expert in their homes, to be able to help their children continue to grow when intensive therapy isn’t being provided. Understanding and learning basic principles will give insight into what we do with your children when they’re with us.

individualized therapy

The VBC experience is different for every child. We conduct individualized assessments that look closely at the needs and skills of each child. Assessments are completed on behavior, communication, feeding, self-help skills, and social skills. Treatment plans with individualized teaching strategies are developed based on how your child learns and our therapist work with them with the right level of support.