Navigating the insurance world isn’t an easy task. Add autism and applied behavior analysis (ABA) into the mix and it’s even trickier. With years of experience working with insurance companies, our team is here to help you on this journey.

We are in network with the following providers:


If your insurance company isn’t listed here, please inquire with us about if we are able to go in network with them or ask us about other options we have for obtaining insurance to cover ABA therapy.

State Autism Insurance Law

(specific to your state)





more helpful insurance information

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Have a self-funded plan that excludes ABA?

Autism Speaks can help. Click on the link here to find out more information.

self-funded toolkit

Want more understanding of the different types of plans?

The more of an understanding of plan types you have, the more you’ll understand what coverage you are entitled to.

glossary of plan types

Want to find out if your plan has ABA coverage?

Call the number on the back of your insurance card or answer a series of questions in the link below.

insurance questions

other funding options

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private pay

If there are no opportunities available with the other funding options, paying privately is always an option.


Grants can be used when paying for ABA privately and can offset the costs of copays/deductibles and anything insurance doesn’t cover.

local resources

Different counties offer different programs for students diagnosed with autism. Check whether these resources are available to you.