Understanding ABA

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It takes a village to raise a child and the ABA approach is no exception to the rule.  Fast and effective therapy is dependent on consistency among all caregivers.  A priceless gift to your child’s therapy is a personal education of the methods of their therapy. Families with a strong grasp of the principles and teaching strategies of ABA Therapy, who are willing to incorporate teaching into their everyday interactions with their children will see additional meaningful changes in their child’s life.

The below resources are a great starting point for parents:


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ABA Information

Understanding Applied Behavior Analysis
by Albert Kearney, 2007

In-Home ABA Programs
by Elle Johnson, 2013

Treating Eating Problems
by Keith E. Williams, 2007

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Verbal Behavior Information

The Verbal Behavior Approach
by Mary Barbera, 2007

Verbal Behavior Milestones and
Placement Program: The VB-MAPP
by Mark Sundberg, 2008

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Positive Reinforcement

The Home Token Economy
by J.R. Alvord & C.D. Cheney, 1998

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