Social Beginnings is a social skills program exclusive to Verbal Beginnings that provides both therapeutic and recreational opportunities for children to learn and develop socialization among peers. Learn more today!

The Blend of ABA with Social Thinking®

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Summer Camps After School Programs

Social Beginnings is a social skills program exclusive to Verbal Beginnings that provides both therapeutic and recreational opportunities for children to learn and develop socialization among peers.  The curriculum behind the fun is research driven and provides the opportunity for therapists to track your child’s progress during their time in the group.  Groups meet weekly throughout the year in various locations around Maryland and children are matched with peers of similar age and skill level.  Group sizes are small and are led by highly experienced BCBAs and Registered Behavior Technicians.

Social Beginnings utilizes a screening process in order to meet each child and assess his or her social needs.

During the school year our social groups are held both during the day and after school to accommodate family schedules 1 to 2 times per week.  During the summer, Social Beginnings hosts a 6 week summer camp with full and half day programs meeting 5 days per week.  Camp is held at the center in Columbia, MD and in other counties based on demand.


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Being an active participant in your child’s learning of social skills is an important to part of their road to success.  Social Beginnings’ staff work closely with you to track your child’s progress and share teaching strategies that will allow you to assist with helping these skills grow outside of Social Beginnings.


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summer camp

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Summer time at Social Beginnings offers a unique opportunity for children to enjoy a summer camp experience and learn valuable social skills at the same time. Campers participate in both recreational activities and structured social skills lessons throughout the day. Our “Around the World” theme provides both fun and educational opportunities that extend from fun lessons to in-house field trips to outdoor games and adventures.

Monday – Friday • 9:00am – 1:00pm
6 consecutive weeks beginning the Monday after July 4th!


Structured Peer Activites

Supported Free Play

In-house Field Trips

Our curriculum is designed to strengthen the awareness and building blocks for social success.

For this reason, our participants must commit to the majority of the sessions in order to gain the most out of the experience. Groups are supervised by BCBAs who have had vast experience with implementing Social Beginnings curriculum. The student:staff ratio is 3:1 or 4:1 depending on the group’s curriculum tack and needs. The small ratio allows us to better learn and understand each child’s social strengths and needs.

after school program

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Social Beginnings offers ABA based social skills groups 1 to 2 days per week in the evening.  Children meet in small groups located throughout Maryland and participate in structured groups utilizing  the exclusive Social Beginnings curriculum.

Lessons include group instruction, structured play to practice newly learned skills and guided free play to promote the occurrence of newly learned skills in the natural environment.


Soccer Ball


Social Beginnings’ After School Program begins after Labor Day and runs through the end of the school year. Breaks in the program occur and follow the public school calendar. Open enrollment is available throughout the school year.

progression of curriculum

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The development of social skills occurs over time.
The Social Beginnings’ program introduces over


different goals to each participant over the course of participation in different levels of topics.


Curriculum advances to higher levels as the child masters goals in the current content area. Below is an overview of different Social Beginnings focus topics.


Focus Topics


  • Learn how to attend and function in a group setting
  • Learn how to initiate and maintain interactive play or group activities
  • Understand how different strategies used in conversational exchanges impact the listener
  • Learn the how and why of self-monitoring
  • Discovering how to better analyze figurative, suggestive, and indirect language
  • Strengthen the ability to discover hidden intent and understand others’ perspectives
  • Learn how friendships progress overtime. Learn initiating, maintaining, and repairing strategies
  • Learn how to remove or avoid the targets of bullying


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